In English

Christian Ringsmose, Psykoterapeut MPFI offer psychotherapy, body therapy (Touching Dialogue) and group therapy at Østerbro in Copenhagen.

As a certified psychotherapist (MPF) I offer gestalt therapy in the form of counseling therapy, optionally combined with body therapy or group therapy.

English is not my mother tongue, but I have taken most of my gestalt education through English language as the training at GIS-International includes participants from many countries. Also my training as Touching Dialogue Therapist has been in English for most parts.

Due to this I feel comfortable using English during therapy and TD-sessions – so you are welcome if this should be the case for you.

My aim is to support you in personal development and growth – which can address a lot of different personal themes. For example:

  • Unfolding your creativity and unused abillities
  • Close and intimate relations
  • Self esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Shame issues
  • Sexuality
  • Grief and depression
  • Loneliness
  • Abuse
  • Stress, physical and/or psychological

I offer the first session to a reduced price, so you can feel if I am the right therapist for you and I can clarify if I can help you with your development work. Also I offer a reduced price for students and unemployed.

I follow the ethical guidelines for the Danish association of therapists and also I follow the ethical guidelines for EAGT.

I have not translated my entire homepage to English – but:

  • Concerning gestalt therapy you can find links to homepages in English, describing gestalt therapy
  • Concerning Touching Dialogue you can find information about TD, in English, on the common homepage for TD-therapists:

You can find more links on my “Links og litteratur”-page.

You are welcome to write or call me for additional information.